Below are a list of definitions we have compiled for specific words or abbreviations to clarify
there meaning on our website.  If you have any questions or suggestions about these
definitions please Contact Us
HD (abbr.) - High Definition

"Plug and Play" - Plug-and-Play refers to a digital-cable-ready television or other digital-cable-ready product, such
as a DVD player or set top box. Through the use of a CableCARD device, consumers can decode/descramble the
digital signal provided by their cable operator without the use of a traditional rental set top box converter.

PVR (abbr.) - Personal Video Recorder

Refurbish / Refurb - 1.) to make neat, clean, or complete as by renovating, reequipping or restoring  2.) to recycle a product for a new
use or purpose

Retail - To sell directly to consumers rather than to other suppliers

SA (abbr.) - Scientific Atlanta

SD (abbr.) - Standard Definition

STB (abbr.) - Set Top Box

Wholesale - To sell 2 or more units at a reduced price to a consumer/supplier
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