Q. Is operating my personal CableCard ready digital converter legal?
A. Yes. Here is the FCC Update as of Aug, 2011:
A retail CableCARD-ready device is a television, set-top box, or device that connects to a personal computer that you can plug directly into your
cable system to receive cable channels
without having to lease a set-top box from your cable operator. As most cable operators provide
some or all of their channels in digital format, old (analog) cable-ready television sets no longer work for all channels.
Full FCC Info:

Q. Are your converters "Plug & Play"?
A. Any converter we sell with the Multistream CableCard ("M-Card") is rated by the FCC as Digital Cable Ready "DCR" and referred as "Plug &
Play" and fully approved by all cable companies.

Q. What if I purchase your digital converter with the free pre installed CableCard and it doesn't work?
A. Every converter we ship is fully tested. In the event there is a defect with the factory pre installed CableCard we will replace it or pay the lease
fee for a rental cable card from your service provider.

The only way we can absolutely guarantee our digital equipment to receive programming is a fully functional cable card, whether it's our card or
the cable company's card.

Q. Does your Universal HD/DVR converters activate like my TIVO?
A. Yes, it activates exactly the same as you would a TIVO by using the CableCard and the same activation process.  The only difference is TIVO
charges a $15 monthly service fee which your service provider gets a big chunk of. Our digital converter eliminates all outrageous rental &
connection fees.
FCC Update as of Aug, 2011:
Use your own set-top box without extra charge.  FCC Rule 76.1205(b)(5)(C). Your cable operator may charge you to lease a CableCARD or
tuning adapter, but may
not charge you an additional service fee for using your own digital-cable-ready television or set-top box.

Q. Will I get free premium channels?
A. Most cable companies offer free weekend or monthly premium & sports programming specials.  The only way you can get those specials is by
either renting or owning your own personal digital cable box.  When you get these free promotions make sure you record as many events,
specials & movies with your dual hard drive DVR so you can watch the maximum free programming at a later date.

Q. How many hours can I record?
A. Our standard digital converters have 160, 250, 320 or 500GB dual tuner hard drives.  A 160GB hard drive averages 20 hours of HD
programming and up to 80 hours of SD programming.  So a 500GB would give you approximately 62 hours of HD programming and up to 250
hours of SD programming.

All of our HD/DVR units also have a SATA port to add an external hard drive, up to a Terabyte (1,000GB).  If you have 4 of our universal
HD/DVR's throughout your home with the external Terabyte hard drives that's well over 4000 hours of recording time!

Q. I have several rental converters from my service provider that have cable cards already installed.
If I purchase your converter without the programming card can I pull their active card and install it in my personal converter?
A. No, the cards installed in the rental converters are "paired" to that rental unit.  We provide a programming card pre installed in all of our units
that use one (free of charge) or your service provider is required to provide these cards to their customers at their service centers with a simple to
follow self install guide.

Q. Can your company activate my privately owned digital converter?
A. As long as you can provide your cable company account number or phone number associated with your cable account we can.  Simply call us
and we will walk you through activation process and have your digital converter up and running in minutes. These units are truly "plug & play" not
"plug & pray".

Q. Do I need to call my cable companies tech support to provision the converter myself?
A. Most cable service providers have automated the activation process using their toll free activation phone number or on their online activation
websites eliminating live human tech support with your service provider.

Q. Do I need a CableCard?
A. Only if you want programming.

Q. After I hook my converter up how long before I see programming?
A. Once the activation is completed your unit should have programming in seconds and be fully operational with all guides, menus, etc. in minutes.

Q. How much can I save by owning my own digital converters?
A. Even if you only have 1 HD/DVR rental @ $20 per month with taxes, fees & remote control you can save a lot by owning your own equipment
and eliminating your monthly rental(s) fees.  You could save over $1000 in around 4 years for just replacing 1 rental box
(on average $250 per
year per converter you could save)
.  Your initial digital converter retail purchase usually pays for itself in less than 10 months with the
elimination of rental fees.

Here's an extreme example:
We have a customer that was renting 4 HD/DVR's @ $20 each per month. This includes taxes, fees & the remote controls.  That's about $80 per
month or $1000 per year in rental fees for all 4 cable boxes.  About a 2 years ago he returned his rentals and purchased 4 of our HD/DVR's.  He
told us recently with his savings (around $1000 per year savings) he calculated this would pay the last 5 months of his cable bill.

Q. I need multiple digital converters. Do you sell in bulk?
A. The greater percentage of our business is selling to MSO's (small independent cable companies) throughout the USA in bulk at wholesale
pricing.  This website is set up primarily for retail sales

If you need 2 or more units @ wholesale prices please
Contact Us for pricing.

Q. I talked with one of your sales reps and he told me your digital converters receive all subscribed programming including HD &
DVR recording services.  How can you advertise a digital FCC approved cable converter that receives all programming including
premiums, PPV & services like HD & DVR legally? How do you know what anyone subscribes to?  You're advertising seems
A. We have no idea what any of our customers subscribe to from minute to minute.  If I subscribe to all programming I would ask the sales rep, will
I get all the programming i'm subscribing to including my sports & premiums, HD etc, and our answer is, YES.

We can only tell our customers our digital converters will receive all programming & services your subscribing to. This is it's only function.  Now, if
we advertised our digital converters saying they won't receive programming & services but will keep your food cold or wash your clothes, that
would be deceptive.

Q. My cable company told me I have to use their digital converters.
A. FCC Update as of Aug, 2011:
Use your own set-top box without extra charge.  FCC Rule 76.1205(b)(5)(C). Your cable operator may charge you to lease a CableCARD or
tuning adapter, but may
not charge you an additional service fee for using your own digital-cable-ready television or set-top box.

Know all your rights:

Q. Do you provide hook up instructions?
A. We not only provide detailed written instructions, we also offer free of charge telephone activation help.

This free activation service is only for our customers.

Q. What if the converter you sell me does not work?
A. We do not sell aftermarket digital converters that may or may not work (plug & pray).  Our digital converters are fully approved FCC Digital
Cable Ready converters and fully guaranteed (plug & play).  All cable subscribing customers are also approved to purchase these units at retail
stores (Canada) or on the Internet (USA/Canada).

CableCARD-ready set-top boxes and devices that connect to a personal computer are currently in retail stores and available for sale on the
Internet. To verify that you are buying a legitimate CableCARD-ready device, ask your retailer if it is “digital cable-ready” and look for the
“CableCARD-ready” or “digital cable-ready” label. Manufacturers that use this label must meet certain technical standards and must complete a
testing and verification process.  For full FCC Info go here:   

We also offer money back and replacement warranties.  Please Click Here to view them.

Q. I have 2 homes, 1 in Illinois (Comcast / Xfinity) and 1 in Texas (Time Warner). They both use the same Motorola & Pace digital
converters you sell.  Each cable company have different channel lineups but have the mostly the same channels.  How can I get
the same exact programming in both states with your digital converters?
A. We only provide the FCC approved equipment. Your service provider provides the subscribed programming and channel line up.  Our FCC &
cable company approved digital converter will receive your cable company's programming exactly as they broadcast it. If your looking for
programming they don't offer our converter won't receive it just like their rental converter won't either.

Q. My cable company has some programming in HD in the 2500 range. Do your converters go that high?
A. Yes, our digital converters operate just like cable company rentals.  Whether your watching channel 2 in standard digital or channel 5000 in HD
you will receive your programming.

Q. I subscribe to a small cable company in New Jersey which does not offer the Spike channel.  If I switched to Verizon FIOS will I
be able to get the Spike channel or even more programming with them?
A. If Verizon FIOS offers the Spike channel (in your service area) you will have full access to that channel and if they offer more programming you
will have full access to those additional channels also.

Q. I read your warranties, disclaimers and customer responsibilities and it says unauthorized use will void my warranties.  How do
you base your warranties?
A. We have always based our written warranties on the customers contract/agreement they have with their service provider and State and Federal
laws. Look at your agreement/contract and it will explain what is considered "authorized" and "unauthorized" use. We will help any subscribing
customer (authorized customer) activate their digital cable converter free of charge.

Q. I don't want to order on line. Can you take my order by phone?
A. Yes, we take orders by phone. Credit Card, Personal or Business checks, and Rush C.O.D. Reduced dealer/wholesale units C.O.D or Check
order only.

Q. Will my converter come with accessories?
A. Yes. Every converter comes with a remote control and power cord. Customer will supply connecting cable that goes from digital converter to
TV. Also, included are simple plug and play hook-up instructions.

Q. I will not contact my cable company and plan to try to use your digital cable converter to watch free cable TV.  Will your cable
boxes work for me?
A. No, if these are your intentions please do not order.

Q. Do you have daily specials for new customers?
A. Please call 877-640-2509 or email us for current pricing and daily specials.

Q. I don't want the hard core adult channels to be active/viewable because we have teenagers in the house. Do these converters
have parental control?
A. Yes, all the converters have the parental channel lockout. You can open or close any channel whether it be an analog or digital channel.
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