Are you TIRED of having to give your cable company extra money each and every month for a device to view the
programming you're already paying for?  We are about to SHOW you exactly how to SAVE $20 or more on your monthly
cable bill!  
That's $1200 over the course of a 5 year period!  And THIS, ladies and gentlemen.. IS HOW YOU DO IT!

1.)  You purchase your own HD/DVR for $200 (this is an example only as our boxes range in price from $90 and up).

2.)  You install your privately owned HD/DVR cable box and activate it with your cable provider
(as required by FCC law).

3.)  You
RETURN your rented cable box to the cable company.

4.)  Your cable provider
MUST then reduce your cable bill by the amount of money you are paying for rent on the returned cable box.
(This amount will vary by cable company, but generally ranges from $15 - $24 a month.  For this example, we will be basing it on a $20 a
month fee.)

5.)  You have now REDUCED your cable bill by $20 a month,

6.)  You paid $200 and are saving $20 a month, now lets do some math.. $200 divided by $20 is 10.  This tells us that the box has
FOR ITSELF in less than a year
.  From here on out, you are PUTTING MONEY IN YOUR POCKET not giving it away to a company that
is already taking enough from you each and every month!

So, there it is folks! WHAT are you WAITING for?  Contact us today for more information!
1 Year Money Back Investment!
*Some areas may require you to use there CableCard which averages $1.00 - $4.00 per month depending on your cable provider.  
Still up to a 90% savings from renting!
Cable Co. HD/DVR
Cable Box Rental
Retail HD/DVR Cable
Box (on our website)
Average One Time Purchase Cost:
$200 - $600
$125 - $295
Average Monthly Cost:
$15 - $24
Average Amount Saved per Year:
$180 - $288 Lost!
$180.00 Lost!
$180 - $288 Saved!
Average Amount Saved over 5 Years:
$900 - $1,440 Lost!
$900 Lost!
$900 - $1,440 Saved!
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Digital Cable Equipment"